June potato salad


Nowadays I always go for a potato salad with a mayonnaise free dressing. My most recent favorite was roasted potato salad with salsa verde, but this version is all I can think right now. It’s the food want to eat in June. Maybe July also.

Somehow I haven’t used buttermilk in a potato salad before. The taste is so nordic; so familiar in a way that is really haunting.  This dressing tastes like my childhood in a best possible way. It is the combination of fresh summer onions, new potatoes, crunchy, watery radishes and that tangy, fresh tasting dressing with a mound of dill.

The dressing is actually a tampered version from this buttermilk one from Smitten kitchen, I just added dill and chopped eggs to make it a bit more for my taste. And as a note of caution, there is a lot of onions in this salad, so you might want to use onion only in the dressing, if you are not a hardcore onion lover like me.

I love to eat this on top of a slice of good rye bread and I recommend this combination for everyone. But you know, it would be good on it’s own, or with a gravad lax or fried fish – those traditional tastes of Finnish summer food.

There seem to be a lot of food in my blog right now called favorites. But they are – things that I choose to eat and love to eat. Seasonal favorites, family recipes or my own alterations.

June potato salad ( for 4-6 persons)

New potatoes – 500 gr
Radishes – a bunch
Spring onions – 2-3 sprigs
Salt and black pepper

Dill and egg buttermilk dressing

Good quality mayonnaise – 3 tbs
Buttermilk (not skimmed) – 1/2 cup
Spring onions – 2 sprigs, chopped
White wine vinegar – 1-2 tbs
Dill – 1/2 cup chopped
Hard boiled eggs – 2, chopped
Salt, a pinch of sugar

Flowering chives, for garnish

Wash and boil the potatoes in a salted water until just tender. Drain and let them cool. Wash and dry radishes and onions. Chop them up and add in a big bowl. Add the cooled potatoes: halved or quartered or whole depending on the size.

Mix the dressing ingredients in a bowl and taste and season to your liking. Pour the dressing on top of the potato salad and mix well. Season and add salt or more vinegar if needed.

Put the salad in the fridge for about an our so that the taste can develop a bit further and the potatoes to soak that dressing. Serve and garnish with chive flowers if you wish.

2 thoughts on “June potato salad”

  1. Moi! Kommentoin tähän postaukseen kun en oikein keksi minne muuallekaan😊

    Tein sitä sun sovellusten sovellusta; Välimeren kasvispataa. Se on kyllä todella maukasta, kiitos reseptistä! Tämä oli toinen kerta kun tein ja ehdottomasti nyt kannatti tehdä, kun on satokausi ja Turun torilta saa munakoisoa, ihania pieniä kotimaisia kesäkurpitsoja ja paprikaakin. Ostin sen seuraksi manchego-juustoa ja maalaisleipää.

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